Medical & Dental Industries

AutoVac offers an extensive range of central vacuum systems for dental oral evacuation systems as well as central vacuum systems for housekeeping in medical facilities.

Medical / Dental Product Categories

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Dental Vacuum Producers

High performance centrifugal dry vacuum systems that provide continuous suction while moving a large volume of air.

Wet Separator Tanks

Wet Separators effectively separate liquid from the air stream, preventing moisture from entering the vacuum producer.

Medical / Dental Industry Applications

Vacuum Cleaning

AutoVac is known for providing unparalleled cleaning power when and where you need it.

Medical Vacuum Systems

Proper housekeeping plays an extremely serious role in the management of healthcare facilities.

Dental Vacuum Systems

AutoVac develops incredibly efficient and effective dental vacuum systems for variable sized operations.  

Clean Room Debris Collection

AutoVac’s central vacuum systems play a vital role in protecting the integrity of cleanrooms.

Bulk Material Handling

We offer highly efficient pneumatic conveying systems capable of handling bulk material.

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