Vacuum Cleaning

Virtually every workspace and living environment functions better when it’s clean.

AutoVac provides unparalleled cleaning power when and where you need it. Our central vacuum systems help you clean exponentially faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Properly engineered vacuum systems cut labor costs and increase productivity while improving your work environment and air quality.

Centralized vacuum systems achieve all of this because they completely remove debris from work and living areas. Waste is delivered to a remotely located filtration device and collection bin.

A Uniqueness All Their Own

AutoVac’s central vacuum systems are uniquely designed to be energy efficient. Our proprietary advanced motor controls and software programs ensure maximum efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

Choose from a robust line of vacuum cleaning options that range from multi-user industrial central vacuum systems to our compact powerful portable units. Applications include warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, universities, industrial buildings, stadiums, restaurants and more.

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