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Engineering and Design

AutoVac engineers take into account a multitude of factors when designing each system. We carefully consider the size and layout of your facility, equipment location, the number of simultaneous users, ergonomic outlet placement and debris handled.

Advanced Software

Our team of engineers works with AutoCad, Solidworks, and AutoDesk Inventor to ensure the final product is up to your exacting standards. We can create a stamped set of AutoVac drawings for your architects and engineers.

Detailed System Design

We maximize system efficiency while minimizing material cost, installation labor, and electrical usage. AutoVac’s advanced motor controls and software programs ensure that your central vacuum system is energy efficient.

Factory Installation

Our team of factory-trained technicians is available to install your vacuum system anywhere in the world. Our network of skilled contractors, electricians and AutoVac-approved distributors make it possible for us to handle all aspects of system installation from start to finish.

Flawless Configuration

We provide everything from detailed installation drawings and instructions to fully assembled equipment ready for hook-up and commissioning. Supported by our rigorous quality control system, we can skillfully integrate central vacuum systems into your home or business worldwide. We follow proper codes and standards to ensure smooth operation and evaluation.

Ready to Get Started?

Our team of skilled engineers is prepared to deliver a final product that exceeds your application requirements. Give us a call at (888) 628-8682.

Vacuum System Commissioning

Proper installation and professional commissioning are the keys to a vacuum system that will deliver peak performance for years. AutoVac engineers design and build their systems with quality parts, then bring in certified AutoVac professionals to install them.

Superior Engineering and Installation

We offer clients peace of mind in knowing their vacuum systems are properly engineered and installed. We provide site-specific operational training to your staff and detailed operating and maintenance manuals. Extended warranty coverages are available with our vacuum system commissioning services.

New Product Development and Prototyping

AutoVac’s products are the result of customer feedback. We listen to our clients, collaborate to address their challenges, and develop new products. Our skilled team of professionals can take an idea from concept to completion with remarkable speed.

Meaningful Innovation

Our engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of vacuum systems and our design team uses the most advanced technology to develop new products. We use digital prototyping, Solidworks® and AutoDesk® Inventor® software for advanced projects. Customers see their site plan and equipment in interactive AutoCad® files. We also offer traditional CAD drawings and site plans, with an unusually quick turnaround time.

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