Aerospace Industry

AutoVac offers an extensive range of central vacuum systems for the Aerospace Industry.

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RailVac Vacuum Systems

Sleek, compact all-in-one system comes mounted and plumbed. Pair with one of our piping kits and you are ready to go!

Regenerative Vacuum Blowers

Regenerative vacuum/pressure blowers are an ideal alternative to standard rotary vane pumps and PD/rotary lobe blowers.

Aerospace Industry Applications

Vacuum Cleaning

AutoVac is known for providing unparalleled cleaning power when and where you need it.


Dust Collection

AutoVac offers specialized central vacuum systems to handle the rigorous demands of dust collection.

Material Collection

AutoVac offers a wide range of vacuum systems for the collection of various materials.

Clean Room Debris Collection

AutoVac’s central vacuum systems play a vital role in protecting the integrity of cleanrooms.

Chip Collection

We offer a complete line of central vacuum systems engineered to collect and recover chips and coolant.

Dustless Sanding

AutoVac offers effective dust control solutions that span a variety of industries.


Welding Fume Exhaust

AutoVac addresses critical exhaust needs with powerful vacuum systems that ensure respiratory safety.

Bulk Material Handling

We offer highly efficient pneumatic conveying systems capable of handling bulk material.

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