Industrial Applications

AutoVac engineers central vacuum systems for an array of industries.

Our Process

Our AutoVac professionals will help you design a cost-effective central system that’s perfectly suited for your site.

Here are the 4 basic components in every central vacuum system.

Pick Your Producer

The heart and soul of your system

Choose Filtration Devices

Separate the debris

Piping and Support

Maximize the suction

Choose Motor Controls

Master your system

Choose Your Vacuum Producer

Your vacuum producer is the heart of your central cleaning system — it must be strong, durable, and dependable. AutoVac’s centrifugal vacuum producers are built to exacting standards with the most trusted design and materials in the industry. So you enjoy peace of mind with very little maintenance. Choose from our 300, 400, 600 and/or 800 Series or one of our Direct Drive producers. We’ll help you navigate the selection process by considering many factors:

  • How many people will use the system simultaneously?
  • How long is the “vacuum run” (distance between the end users and the vacuum producer)?
  • What type of debris is being vacuumed?
  • Does the working environment require explosion-proof motors?

Whether you have just one user and need a 7.5 hp direct drive, or 100 users who need multiple 30 hp vacuum producers in series, AutoVac can help. And if we don’t have it, we can build to suit because we machine and manufacture nearly all our own parts.

Choose Your Filtration Devices

Next you’ll need to separate the dirt and debris from the airflow before it returns to your vacuum producer. In standard central vacuum systems this is accomplished with a filter separator immediately before the air enters your turbine. Larger systems call for the addition of primary separators near the vacuum users. In each separator, waste is deposited into convenient dirt containers for easy disposal.

AutoVac offers various sized Filter Separators, Primary Separators, Hopper, Cyclonic and Hybrid Separators.

All our separators are carefully engineered and fabricated to maximize airflow and minimize clogging by capturing between 95% and 99.9% of particles at 3 microns. That’s a fancy way of letting you know our separators are hardcore!

Plan Your Piping Systems, Support Structures and Attachments

A piping system presents suction to the point of use. It then delivers “dirty” air to your separators, and clean dry air to your vacuum producers. AutoVac engineers each piping system to maximize suction all the way down the line. Whether you are working 200 feet from the producer or 20 feet, you’ll receive powerful, reliable suction. Choose from a variety of materials to suit your application and fit your budget (ABS, steel, zinc, etc.).

AutoVac can incorporate piping into existing structural supports or provide custom supports and piping systems. Whenever feasible, we build our own supports so we can ensure high quality and durability.

We realize your vacuum system is only as valuable as it is convenient. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide ergonomic, easy-to-use hand tools and attachments that seamlessly integrate with your workflow processes. From wide angle floor brushes to precision crevice tools, AutoVac matches the tool to the job, literally.

Select Your Motor Controls

Aside from the basic electrical wiring that powers your vacuum producer, you will also need some type of motor control. These range from standard magnetic starters and disconnects to software-based power management systems like Vacuum IQ™.

Exclusively from AutoVac, Vacuum IQ™ is a programmed variable frequency drive that works dynamically with your vacuum motor to provide vacuum on demand. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually a very simple and effective way to “go green”.

Vacuum IQ™ can cut energy consumption by 70%, often more. It provides tremendous cost savings and extends the life of your equipment because your vacuum only works as much (or as little) as needed to match the demand for suction.

AutoVac also offers Vacuum Logic — a remote monitoring system that lets you check in on your system from any internet connection even your favorite Wi-Fi equipped vacation spot.

  • Vacuum IQ™
  • Vacuum Logic
  • Magnetic Starters
  • Disconnects and more

    From conceptual drawings to final installation - our AutoVac team is ready to engineer your vacuum system.

    Professional installation is available nationwide.

    Industry Applications

    Vacuum Cleaning

    AutoVac is known for providing unparalleled cleaning power when and where you need it.


    Dust Collection

    AutoVac offers specialized central vacuum systems to handle the rigorous demands of dust collection.

    Material Collection

    AutoVac offers a wide range of vacuum systems for the collection of various materials.

    Clean Room Debris Collection

    AutoVac’s central vacuum systems play a vital role in protecting the integrity of cleanrooms.

    Chip Collection

    We offer a complete line of central vacuum systems engineered to collect and recover chips and coolant.

    Dustless Sanding

    AutoVac offers effective dust control solutions that span a variety of industries.

    Welding Fume Exhaust

    AutoVac addresses critical exhaust needs with powerful vacuum systems that ensure respiratory safety.

    Bulk Material Handling

    We offer highly efficient pneumatic conveying systems capable of handling bulk material.
    • Wood Dust Collection
    • Liquid Pickup
    • Bakery Flour Collection and Conveying
    • Many, many more…

    Industries and Customers

    • Aerospace
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Bottling Plants
    • Textile Mills
    • Food Processing
    • Petroleum
    • Metal Finishing
    • Foundries
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Bakeries
    • Car Washes
    • Rental Car Facilities
    • Car Dealerships
    • Circuit Board Manufacturing
    • Medical Facilities
    • Many, many more…

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