C316-2002 – SUPER Filter Separator

The C316-2002 Super Filter Separator by AutoVac is recommended for use with High AirFlow vacuum systems. It is engineered and manufactured under exacting production standards to provide superior filtration. View more C316-2002 product specifications below.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    84 x 38 in
  • Weight:
    600 lb
  • Recommended Vacuum:
    High AirFlow Vacuum System (up to 60 HP)
  • Inlet & Outlet Sizes:
    6 in

Equipment Layout

  • A: These lines carry dirt and debris from vacuum cleaning system, one or two lines as required.
  • B: Vacuum producer inlet air and filter separator vacuum supply line.
  • C: Additional vacuum producer may be connected here and must be same size.
  • D: Hold down leg support 3 locations typical.
  • E: Support pipe every 10 ft. minimum with an approved support hanger system. Never allow pipe to sag. Install hangers as needed. Sway brace as required.
  • F: 3, 4, 6 or 8” dia. pipe respectively carries dirt from system. See pipe system drawings.

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