Our AutoVac professionals consider all the variables necessary to design a cost-effective, highly efficient piping system for your site. We also offer pre-packaged piping kits for our most popular configurations.

Piping delivers suction to the point of use, carries air and debris to your filtration devices, then returns clean dry air to the vacuum producer. Piping can have a dramatic effect on the overall performance of your vacuum system. Even the most powerful vacuum producer will perform poorly if your piping system is engineered incorrectly. A properly engineered piping system delivers powerful, reliable suction to its end users.

Choose from a variety of in-stock piping kits or let our engineers develop a custom layout for your site. Various piping materials are available from the most common ABS to zinc-coated steel or aluminum. Conceptual 3-D drawings are available upon request with every piping system.

Piping Products

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