Motor Control Panels

Our Motor Control Panel is a fully programmable electronic motor control that regulates the speed of the vacuum producer to accommodate the number of users on the system at any one time. The end result is a Vacuum on Demand™ system which operates efficiently whether one or multiple operatories are in use. When only a few operatories are being used, the speed of the vacuum producer slows to dramatically reduce energy consumption. This reduces the costs of operating the system and extends equipment life. Motor controller allows use of 24 volt remote switching in the operators.

A Motor Control Panel is the single most cost-savings purchase you can make for your vacuum system. Dental Vac is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer true Vacuum on Demand™ technology

Single phase motor control panels available, please consult factory.

Product Models

  • Item #
  • Item Name
  • # of Users
  • Description
  • Voltage
  • Noise
  • CIMRP7U23P71A
  • Motor Control Panel
  • 10
  • 5 HP Variable Frequency Drive
  • 208 V
  • N/A
  • CIMRP7U27P51A
  • Motor Control Panel
  • 20
  • 10 HP Variable Frequency Drive
  • 208 V
  • N/A
  • Motor Control Panel
  • 15
  • 7.5 HP Variable Frequency Drive
  • 208 V
  • N/A

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