Filter Separators

AutoVac filter separators are engineered and manufactured under exacting production standards to provide superior filtration. Each filter separator combines centrifugal action with the dust-trapping feature of stocking-type filter bags. As your vacuum producer creates suction it pulls air, dirt and debris from the end user’s nozzle, through the vacuum hose, and into the lower half of the filter separator. Here, a precisely engineered cone creates a powerful cyclone that guides debris downward into a waste container. The air then passes through a series of filter bags contained in the upper portion of the filter separator.

A properly sized filter separator with appropriate filter bags will collect 99.9% of debris at three microns – allowing only clean dry air to pass through the vacuum producer. The result? The most reliable central cleaning system available. See reverse to select the right filter separator for your system.


  • Large durable polypropylene dirt bucket is virtually unbreakable and rust-proof.
  • Internally glazed polyester filter bags eliminate clogging. No tools needed for fast removal and replacement.
  • Leak-proof “U” channel door gasket with sealed air chamber expands and contracts keeping door panel leak-free.
  • Lockable door latch assembly.
  • All metal surfaces of separator are coated with industrial grade primer and automotive grade multi-part urethane top coat.
  • 25-year proven design made from heavy grade iron, heavy gauge sheet steel and assembled with continuous welded seams.

Filter Separator Models

  • Item #
  • Item Name
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Recommended Vacuum
  • Inlet & Outlet Sizes
  • C313-1001
  • JUNIOR Filter Separator
  • 48 x 19 in
  • 150 lb
  • RailVac Jr. Vacuum System
  • 3 in
  • C314-1002
  • STANDARD Filter Separator
  • 72 x 30 in
  • 300 lb
  • Liberty or Gemini Vacuum System
  • 4 in
  • C314-3001
  • COMPACT Filter Separator
  • 60 x 30 in
  • 275 lb
  • RailVac Vacuum System
  • 4 in
  • C316-2002
  • SUPER Filter Separator
  • 84 x 38 in
  • 600 lb
  • High AirFlow Vacuum System (up to 60 HP)
  • 6 in
  • C316-3001
  • JUMBO Filter Separator
  • 96 x 45 in
  • 950 lb
  • High AirFlow Vacuum System (up to 90 HP)
  • 6 in

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