Gardner Denver Heliflow Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

HeliFlow integrates proven experience with blower design and manufacturing techniques to create an innovative helical tri-lobe blower. Gardner Denver has created a low noise solution for positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications.

Product Info

  • Every HeliFlow is machined, assembled and packaged in our state-of-the-art 330,000 sq. ft. ISO9001 Certified facility in Sedalia, Missouri
  • Each HeliFlow is individually tested to meet rigorous performance specifications
  • Superior and consistent quality can be found in each HeliFlow as a result of:
    • Continual investment in the training of world-class manufacturing personnel
    • Advanced Flexible Machining Systems (FMS)
    • Quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process

Product Specifications

  • Airflow Range:
    3200 cfm
  • Pressure:
    15 psig
  • Vacuum:
    16″ Hg

Product Features

  • Solid, helical tri-lobe rotors
    • Eliminate the potential for unbalanced rotors caused by build-up of ingested material inside the impellers
  • Greater durability with an increased capacity for overhung load
  • Refined timing and locking device incorporates a frictional keyless shaft gear locking ring
    • Improves blower life
    • Provides an easily adjustable and releasable mechanical shrink fit on timing gears
    • Allows for easier maintenance
  • Advanced piston ring air and oil seals for a dependable supply of oil-free air
  • Spherical roller bearings
    • Better for misalignment and longevity
  • Overhung load limit of 13,500 in-lbs vs. competition of less than 7,999 in-lbs
  • Reduced noise levels by 4–7 dBA over similar sized, straight-lobe blowers
  • Lower pulsations to protect downstream instrumentation and extend blower life
  • HeliFlow 624 vs. competitive units
    • Greater temperature rise limits across the blower (250° F v. 230° F)
  • Increased pressure capability (12 psig vs. 10 psig)
  • Single-piece case with integral fins
    • Results in superior structural integrity and minimal torsional twist
    • Provides better heat dissipation to help maintain clearances
  • Helical gears for quieter operation (616 and 624)

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