Gardner Denver Duroflow

For nearly fifty years, Gardner Denver DuroFlow positive displacement blowers/vacuum pumps have combined leading-edge technology and on-the-job experience to continuously deliver enhanced designs and improved performance.

Product Specifications

  • Airflow Range:
    4282 cfm
  • Pressure:
    15 psig
  • Vacuum:
    16″ Hg

Product Features

  • Each model delivers clean, oil-free air to a wide range of industrial applications
  • World-class engineering and design
  • Manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 standards by quality crafts persons Exhaustively tested to meet strict performance criteria to ensure unequaled service life under the most severe operating conditions
  • Available in the 30, 45 & 70 Series with various configurations and rotor lengths
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting configuration available for each blower
  • Oversized bearings for added support and greater durability.
    • Gear-end bearings support rotor shafts, while drive-end double-row angular contact ball bearings fix the rotor position
    • Prevents destructive axial rotor movement commonly caused by misaligned V-belt drives
  • Durable single-piece cast iron cylinder with integral ribs (varies by model)
    • Provides greater strength and rigidity
    • Ribs improve heat dissipation and prevent distortion that can affect internal clearances and reduce performance
  • Innovative rotor/shaft design machined from a single, high-strength ductile iron casting and dynamically balanced
    • Assures extra strength and rigidity to handle maximum loads on a continuous basis without fatigue, deflection or vibration
  • Solid rotors(30 & 45 Series only)
    • Eliminates potential for vibration caused when hollow rotors become unbalanced due to build-up of ingested material inside the rotor cavities
  • Dual Splash Lubrication
    • Provides superior gear and bearing lubrication for longer life at all operating conditions
    • Reduces maintenance
  • Advanced oil and air seal designs (varies by model)
    • Piston rings and flinger maximize seal life in continuous, severe duty applications
    • Provides leak-free operation
    • O-rings placed under the drive shaft wear sleeve creates better sealing and prolongs life of rotors
  • Timing gears are mounted on precision machined shaft splines
    • Assures secure non-slip rotor timing even under surge conditions or high torque start-up
  • Helical timing gears, precision machined from alloy steel forgings
    • Guarantees quiet and smooth mechanical operation at all speeds
  • Innovative rotor profile with serrated tips (varies by model)
    • Increases blower efficiency and air sealing
    • Reduces power consumption and cooler operating temperature
  • Noise Reduction
    • Extra cylinder mass and progressive porting aid in reducing noise
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting configuration with each blower
    • Provides greater flexibility for installing into any new or existing system

Industries & Applications

  • Aquaculture (Aeration)
  • Cement & Lime (Fluidization & Conveying)
  • Chemical (Vacuum Processing & Conveying)
  • Dairy (Automated Milking)
  • Dry Bulk Hauling (Trailer Unloading & Aeration)
  • Environmental Services (Sewer Cleaning & Portable Restroom Services)
  • Industrial (Material Vacuuming)
  • Milling & Baking (Blending & Conveying)
  • Power Generation (Fly Ash Conveying & Aeration)
  • Pulp & Paper (Chip Conveying & Process Vacuum)
  • Resin & Plastic (Processing & Conveying)
  • Vacuum Excavation (Potholing & Slurry Recovery)
  • Wastewater (Aeration & Backwashing)

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