Dryer IQ™

Dryer IQ™ is the most efficient way to start, stop and manage your dryers. Control your dryers with AutoVac's Dryer IQ™ and cut energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and extend the life of your equipment. Learn more about how Dryer IQ™ can help you dramatically minimize expenditure and maximize your equipment's longevity.

Product Information / Specs

What is Dryer IQ™?

Dryer IQ™ manages your carwash dryers with a dynamic variable frequency drive (VFD) and customized software. This dryer management system keeps your dryers operating at maximum efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

The Result?

You enjoy dramatic savings on your energy bill and extend the life of your equipment.

Need More Incentive?

Energy providers across the country are issuing substantial rebates just for installing environmentally friendly devices like Dryer IQ™.

See the Cost Savings for Yourself

AutoVac will provide you with a cost savings analysis so you can see how much you’ll save on your energy bill. Where available, your energy provider will use this report to calculate your REBATE.

DryerIQ™ – A Better Way

DryerIQ™ manages your carwash dryers with a dynamic variable frequency drive (VFD) and customized software. Dryer IQ™ replaces outdated operating methods that rely on costly across-the-line starters and inefficient dampers to control airflow. Dryer IQ™ eliminates wasteful startup power spikes that drive up your energy rates. Dryer IQ™ starts your dryers efficiently and gradually and then controls the motors’ RPMs so they operate at maximum efficiency. Your dryers work as much (or as little) as necessary according to your business levels. Dryer IQ™ manages airflow by controlling the speed of your motor, instead of relying on inefficient damper methods. Your dryer motors return to idle during stand by periods, waiting to ramp up their RPMs as business requires.

Product Features

  • Dramatically cut energy costs by reducing energy consumption
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce maintenance costs and dryer downtime
  • Simplified equipment – no need for throttle valves, dampers, or soft start controls
  • Improve airflow control
  • Earn rebates offered by most energy suppliers
  • Return on investment is months not years
  • Savings continue year after year

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