Soapy Joe's Car Wash


Conversion from Full Service to Express

Soapy Joe’s wanted to convert their expensive full service wash into an efficient express wash. With the help of AutoVac, they received an unrelenting vacuum arch system, custom colors for their arches, towel and waste bins, and LED lighting. Their complete vacuum system has improved customer service and increased overall customer volume.

The Challenge

Soapy Joe’s needed a reliable central vacuum system when they converted their National City, CA location from full service to express. The outdated full service model (employees vacuumed cars before the tunnel) was inefficient and caused bottlenecking. Equipment was unreliable and needed replacement often. The wash sits within a large business complex, which includes a convenience store, gas station and oil change establishment. Space constraints presented a distinct design challenge, and careful consideration was given to the layout.

The Solution

The completed express wash now features a reliable central vacuum system with modern, attractive vacuum arches spread throughout the property. An impressive seventeen vacuum lanes are integrated seamlessly throughout the business complex. Custom color-matched vacuum arches visually tie the space together while delivering powerful suction to each customer.

AutoVac customized its A1 Vacuum Arch Assembly to meet Soapy Joe’s exact needs: blue trash bins and towel buckets are mounted directly to stanchions. LED lights are fully integrated to the arch structures to create an inviting customer vacuum area at night. Piping runs underground from the vacuum equipment to the vacuum arches. AutoVac carefully engineered piping from arch to arch to maximize airflow.

Two-toned individual primary separators provide filtration at each vacuum stanchion, allowing for easy recovery of mistakenly vacuumed items. These separators also minimize piping clogs by capturing heavier debris before air is carried to the larger 600 Series Jumbo Filter Separator. Suction for all vacuum hoses is provided by AutoVac’s powerful Gemini Vacuum Producers, these twin producers are 30 horsepower each. Vacuum producers are located outside and are fitted with exhaust mufflers to mitigate noise, as well as muffler rain caps.

The Equipment/Features

  • A1 Vacuum Arch System
  • Underground Piping
  • LED Lighting
  • Two 30HP Hi-Flow Turbine Vacuum Producers with Muffler Rain Caps
  • One 600 Series Jumbo Filter Separator

The Results

The updated Soapy Joe’s consists of three easily identifiable self-serve vacuum areas offering a total of seventeen lanes of powerful self-serve central vacuums: seven vacuum lanes near the gas station pumps, seven vacuum lanes parallel with the roadway, and three vacuum lanes perpendicular to the roadway. AutoVac’s central vacuum system is more efficient and reliable than the previous equipment. Vacuum lanes are clearly defined by color-coordinating arches. Customers vacuum their vehicles after the tunnel, eliminating the bottleneck of cars.

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