Ronny's Car Wash


Ronny's Car Wash

New Construction — Creatively Engineered to Yield 20 Lanes, Shaded by Day and Well-Lit by Night.

The Challenge

When Ron Scott set out to build his fourth Ronny’s Car Wash operation, he enlisted AutoVac to design a durable, energy-efficient vacuum system with an inviting free vacuum area. Having tried other manufacturers at his previous locations, Scott was looking for top quality equipment with a hassle-free design and installation process. Without a dedicated equipment room for vacuum producers, the site required creative engineering. The end result is a powerful system built to withstand the humid Florida climate while providing a comfortable self-serve vacuum area.

The Solution

To provide 20 shaded lanes, AutoVac engineered its A1 Vacuum Arch System – steel construction with standard silver grey urethane finish. Durable black shade cloth was selected to complement the color scheme of the wash tunnel. Trash cans and mat holders are conveniently integrated to the stanchions, as are crevice tool holders. Overhead piping is incorporated into the arches along with lighting fixtures.

Individual primary separators provide filtration, allowing for easy recovery of mistakenly vacuumed items. These separators also minimize clogging in overhead piping by capturing large debris before air is carried to the larger 600 Series Super Filter Separator installed nearest to the vacuum producers. Powerful suction is provided by two 600 Series Gemini Vacuum Producers, 40 horsepower each, stacked at the customer vacuum area. Exhaust mufflers and vibration pads ensure quiet, smooth operation while muffler rain caps protect against the elements.

AutoVac’s proprietary Vacuum IQ™ System manages vacuum production to ensure that the entire system operates at maximum efficiency. Vacuum IQ’s variable frequency drive and customized software constantly matches vacuum production to demand, cutting electrical costs.

The Equipment/Features

  • A1 Vacuum Arch System
  • Individual Primary Separators
  • Overhead Piping
  • One 600 Series Super Filter Separator
  • Two 40HP 600 Series Gemini Vacuum Producers
  • Stacking Rack
  • Proprietary Vacuum IQ™ System

The Results

Shaded by day and well-lit by night, the free vacuum area at Ronny’s Car Wash provides customers with a positive vacuum experience. Powerful suction, conveniently located crevice tools, trash bins and mat holders ensure customer satisfaction. Owner Ron Scott enjoys peace of mind knowing that his vacuum equipment is operating efficiently under Vacuum IQ™.

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