Canton Car Wash


Canton Car Wash

From the beginning, the owners of Canton Car Wash in Nottingham, MD were clear about their mission: “To provide a fast, friendly, clean and shiny experience to every customer at a great value, while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility and good will toward the community in which we live and work.” AutoVac helped them achieve this goal by engineering an exceptionally energy-efficient, cost-effective vacuum system with beautiful streamlined arches.

The Challenge

Prior to breaking ground at their Nottingham, Maryland site, Canton Car Wash (CCW) enlisted AutoVac to engineer central vacuums and complementary arches, piping, canopies, detail stations, and full service detail pods. From initial CAD drawings to final installation, the AutoVac team worked meticulously to create an energy-efficient, functional system that’s also attractive and user-friendly in keeping with CCW’s high customer service and environmental standards.

The Solution

For the Self-Serve Free Vacuum Area, AutoVac customized its A2 Vacuum Arch System to meet CCW’s exact specifications. Color-coordinated arches hold raised trash bins, recycle bins, and primary separators. These separators allow for easy recovery of mistakenly vacuumed items. They also minimize clogging in underground piping by capturing large debris before air is carried to the larger filter separator installed nearest to the vacuum producers.

The long-reaching A2 Vacuum Arches feature fully integrated LED lighting mounts, to create an inviting customer vacuum area day and night. Piping runs underground from the vacuum equipment to the self-serve area.

The open air Express Detail Center features a solid roof and provides employees quick access to vacuum hoses, clean towels, and mat hangers. Trash barrels and soiled towel bins are conveniently located at each station as well.

Canton’s indoor Full Service Detail Center consists of 16 detail pods – ergonomically engineered work stations that keep necessities at arm’s reach. Employees have easy access to bottled cleaners, vacuum hoses, high pressure coiled air hoses and mat hangers. Clean towel dispensers, collection bins for soiled towels and trash barrels are also located in each pod. Primary separators provide efficient filtration at each station before air is returned to the main filter separators. These detail components are anchored to sturdy posts –- everything is raised above ground, allowing for quick housekeeping.

AutoVac engineered a solid Pay Station Canopy with LED lighting mounts to complement the overall design of the wash.

At the heart of Canton Car Wash’s impressive 86 vacuum drops, are a series of powerful centrifugal vacuum producers:

  • Three Hi Flow Turbine Vacuum Producers, 40 horsepower each

Filtration for the systems includes:

  • Two (2) 600 Jumbo Separators
  • More than 40 Cyclonic Separators

Motor Control Centers and Software consist of:

  • Vacuum IQ System, complete with variable frequency drives and custom software, to ensure that power consumption matches demand

The Equipment/Features

  • A2 Vacuum Arch System
  • Underground Piping
  • LED Lighting
  • Detail Pods
  • Three 40HP Hi-Flow Turbine Vacuum Producers
  • Two 600 Series Jumbo Filter Separators
  • 40 Cyclonic Separators
  • Vacuum IQ™ System

The Results

Consistent with CCW’s goal to provide their customers with a positive experience in addition to exceptionally clean cars, AutoVac’s installation is visually appealing and user friendly. Advanced motor control centers ensure equipment operates at maximum efficiency – constantly matching output to demand. This slashes energy consumption and extends the life of vacuum producers. This keeps energy costs low while helping to fulfill part of Canton Car Wash’s mission – exceptional environmental responsibility.

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