AquaZoom Car Wash

AquaZoom Car Wash wanted to go from costly Canister Vacuums to an efficient Central Vacuum System

The Challenge

AquaZoom Car Wash of Garden Grove, California was constantly repairing and replacing their high speed standalone vacuums. The canister-type vacuums could not keep up with the volume of their successful express wash. Carwash owners knew it was time to upgrade to a central system. They also needed an affordable solution to the outdated pay point at their entrance. They turned to AutoVac to design an energy-efficient central vacuum system with eye-catching arches and stanchions loaded with customer-friendly options.

The Solution

AutoVac provided the AquaZoom team detailed 3D drawings and schematics of the proposed vacuum plan. Renderings overlaid the existing site plan to ensure that the new vacuum design was a perfect fit.

A designated vacuum equipment area holds two Hi Flow Turbine Vacuum Producers, 40 horsepower each, and one Jumbo Filter Separator. The producers are stacked to save space and piping is precisely arranged to maximize airflow. Six-inch piping runs underground from the producers to two separate customer vacuum areas, then overhead between arches.

In Vacuum Area One, AutoVac’s popular A1 Vacuum Arches deliver vacuum to up to nine customers simultaneously. These extremely durable arch structures support PVC-coated mesh canopies to provide and inviting shaded area.

Bright, energy efficient lighting is provided by six-foot curved LED light fixtures which are integrated into the arches. The arch assembly also includes sturdy stanchions which are mounted with mat holders, express nozzles and holsters, and two-toned color coordinating primary cyclonic separators. These cyclonic separators filter debris before air returns to the piping manifold, minimizing clogs and allowing for easy recovery of mistakenly vacuumed items. For added filtration, both vacuum areas include a Jumbo Filter Separator. Vacuum Area Two serves seven vacuum lanes with identical equipment – lanes are striped at an angle to allow for easy maneuvering as customers exit the tunnel.

Piping for the entire project is carefully engineered to ensure powerful suction all the way down the line in both areas – even during peak periods when all hoses in use. To manage electrical consumption and cut operating costs, AutoVac’s installed its proprietary Vacuum IQ. This advanced motor control system includes a variable frequency drive and advanced software – constantly matching vacuum production with the demand for suction.

Two new Teller Arches now clearly designate the wash entrance entrance. Shade canopies tie the property together visually and provide shade for POS equipment.

The Equipment/Features

  • Two 40HP Hi Flow Turbine Vacuum Producers
  • Jumbo Filter Separator
  • Underground and Overhead Piping
  • A1 Vacuum Arches
  • LED Lighting
  • Stanchions
  • Express Nozzles and Holsters
  • Two-toned Color-coordinated Primary Cyclonic Separators
  • Vacuum IQ System
  • Two Teller Arches

The Results

With AutoVac’s new vacuum system and arches, AquaZoom has updated the entire look and feel of the property. They have increased their daily car count, improved the customer experience, and cut energy consumption. Their powerful central vacuum producers have no trouble keeping up with the increased business – and maintenance costs have dropped.

The new vacuum system and arches dramatically increase visibility of the wash and improve the overall customer experience.

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