C353-1002 – Island Pal Separator (Single Vac Hose Drop Kit)

AutoVac's C353-1002 Island Pal Separator comes with a single vacuum hose drop kit. High performance suction helps eliminate piping failures. View more C353-1002 product specifications and features below.

Product Specifications

  • Vacuum Producer Pipe Connection:
    (1 ea.) 3” pipe to turbine
  • Vacuum System Pipe Connection:
    (1 ea.) 2” fpt inlet valve
  • Vacuum Producer Size HP:
    7.5 – 25 horsepower turbines
  • Construction Material:
    12 ga. Steel
  • Types:
    Single Vac Hose Drop Kit
  • Filter Bag Type:
    5’ self-seal polyester glazed
  • Dirt Container:
    Poly-propylene 5 gal
  • Protective Coating:
    Epoxy primer, urethane finish

Equipment Layout

  • A. This line supplies vacuum suction to Island Pal separator. Hook to vacuum producer inlet connection directly.
  • B. These 2″ FPT connections hook to vacuum hose to carry dirt and debris from vacuum cleaning hoses and nozzle.
  • C. 15′ x 1 1/2″ vacuum cleaning hose with two swivel cuffs.
  • D. Support pipe every 10 ft. minimum with an approved support hanger system. Never allow pipe to sag. Install hangers as needed. Sway brace as required.
  • E. Hold down leg support 3 locations typical.
  • F. Island Pal separator with filter bag section to clean air supply to vacuum producer. Dual hose Model #353-1001.
  • G. Hanger supports hose and nozzle and shuts off vacuum air when nozzle is placed in holder.
  • H. 1 1/2″ vacuum nozzle included.
  • I. Support stanchion for hose hanger.
  • J. 2″ MPT x 1 1/2″ inlet valve and 1 1/2″ hose adapter.

Product Features

  • Large durable polypropylene dirt bucket is virtually unbreakable and rust-proof.
  • Internally glazed polyester filter bags eliminate clogging. No tools needed for fast removal and replacement.
  • Leak-proof “U” channel door gasket with sealed air chamber expands and contracts keeping door panel leak-free.
  • Lockable door latch assembly.
  • All metal surfaces of separator are coated with Industrial grade primer and Automotive grade multi-part urethane top coat.
  • 25-year proven design made from heavy grade iron, heavy gauge sheet steel and assembled with continuous welded seams.

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