Medical & Dental Vacuum Systems

AutoVac offers an extensive range of central vacuum systems for dental oral evacuation systems as well as central vacuum systems for housekeeping in medical facilities.

Dental Vacuum Systems

AutoVac engineers and manufactures highly efficient dental vacuum systems for operations of any size.

RailVac Vacuum Systems

AutoVac’s RailVac Vacuum System is an all-in-one, compact, sleek system that comes mounted and plumbed.

RailVac Jr. Vacuum System

AutoVac’s RailVac Jr. Vacuum System is completely streamlined. Easy to connect and get going for fast cleaning.

Gemini Vacuum Systems

AutoVac offers the powerful Gemini vacuum systems in both 600 and 400 series, standard 3 phase.

Liberty Vacuum Systems

AutoVac’s line of Liberty vacuum systems includes 600, 400, and direct drive series, standard 3 phase.

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