AutoVac offers a complete line of central vacuum systems engineered to collect and recover aluminum, metal and composite chips and coolant. Our systems are ideal for metal working shops with CNC and traditional milling machines. Chips are safely and effortlessly removed from machine sumps, then separated from coolant to allow for recycling. Fluids can be pumped to a storage container, filtration system, or directly back to the sump. Our vacuum systems are also extremely effective in cleaning milling machines, lathes and other valuable equipment. AutoVac’s proprietary advanced motor controls and software programs ensure that your central vacuum system operates at maximum efficiency to minimize energy consumption. The end result is a chip collection system that saves labor hours and recovers valuable materials.


AVI Car Care was founded in 1989. Our central vacuum systems are found in thousands of companies in various industries around the globe. aerospace, car care, material handling, manufacturing, medical applications and more.


SpaceX, Boeing, Toyota, Honeywell, Xerox, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Gulfstream, International Game Technology, and Penske are just a few of the companies who rely on AVI Car Care’s expertise and commitment to quality.