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AutoVac Industrial Vacuum & Air Systems | Leading The Way Since 1989

AutoVac was founded in 1989 to provide central vacuums to the industry. From these modest beginnings more than twenty years ago, AutoVac has grown into a world-class manufacturer, serving the vacuum requirements of thousands of companies in various industries around the globe. AutoVac’s central vacuum systems are found in aerospace, car care, material handling, manufacturing, medical applications and more. Boeing, Toyota, Honeywell, Xerox, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Gulfstream, International Game Technology, and Penske are just a few of the companies who rely on AutoVac’s expertise and commitment to quality.

28 Years And Counting!


The AutoVac Commitment To Quality

AutoVac manufactures nearly all its own components to ensure high quality and affordability. This also allows AutoVac the freedom to explore and develop new technologies and take them from concept to production with remarkable speed.

AutoVac is committed to helping its clients reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and boost productivity. AutoVac has developed a new line of "intelligent" central vacuum systems. They are extremely energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

This unique combination of cutting-edge technology and decades of experience in centrifugal vacuums has earned AutoVac a reputation as the source for cost-effective and energy-efficient central vacuum systems.

AutoVac Case Study
  • AquaZoom Car Wash wanted to go from costly Canister Vacuums to an efficient Central Vacuum System